Commission me when you want something specific, that isn't already for sale
I am open to most ideas, if I think I can make them work. Previous commissions have included boobscoffeea hidden ice cream and splashy port wine. You can also commission a more "regular" drawing or painting. No shame in that! #12, #20 and #57 were all also commissions.
Yes, I've done ice creams and boobs in the past, but generally, there should always be a bottles element. That's my thing.
I don't always say yes! Artist freedom and all.
Expect prices that are similar to (but also slightly higher than) the prices of existing Endless Bottles works.
Payment is 50% upfront and 50% upon completion.
To commission a work, just write to me on and describe what you want and I'll let you know if it's possible and what it'll cost.
Good to include:
— What size do you want?
— Just a drawing, or a painting too?
— Framed? On canvas? On the wall or window of your wine bar?
— Is it similar to something I've done before? Then refer to that one.
(Og du må gerne skrive på dansk!)